We are a digital creative studio

We are striving to push the limits of digital products, ideas and experiences and deliver the unseen, unknown and unexpected.

We cover the areas of web and app
development, interactive installations and digital campaigns.

What we do

Web development

High quality HTML5, CSS, ReactJS based websites build on top of Laravel or Wordpress CMS.

App development

Custom build React Native apps made for IOS and Android

Interactive instalations

Mixing the physical with digital, creating impactful immersive experiences is a passion of ours

UX & Design

We know how to develop great ideas and beautiful design that works perfectly across all digital platforms.

Digital partner

We strongly believe in partnerships and co-creation with both brands and agencies.

Digital Campaigns

We love to drive engagement, conversions, traffic, and revenue, through impactful campaigns.


The Martians is a digital design & development studio in Copenhagen & Rio with lots of experience creating quality productions for some of the biggest brands & agencies in the business.

We work within most areas of digital - from strategy and design to content and technology. We work with excitement through the process of developing products and services, from early conceptualising to final execution. The end product of our work is mostly digital, but always full of creative smarts and finesse. And, we really love what we do!

Who we are

The Martians are led by two digital pioneers Kenneth Pøhler and Tommy Lindestrøm. The team has a vast experience in building digital experiences and comes with an award-winning career background from international companies like Wunderman, Valtech, DDB, SuberUber and McCANN.

  • Kenneth Pøhler

    Kenneth is founding partner and Creative Director.
    With a visionary, digital mindset and natural craving for storytelling & unique user experiences, Kenneth has been prominent on the Danish creative and digital scene for more than a decade. Shaping creative talents, judging top creative work, while at the same time leading and executing creative campaigns, Kenneth has both inspired, moved and grown brands. Before he became a Martian, Kenneth occupied the position as Executive Creative Director at Wunderman Scandinavia and has prior to this been at IconMedialab, McCANN, Valtech and DDB in Sydney.

  • Tommy Lindestrøm

    Tommy is founding partner and Technology Director at The Martians.
    With many years of experience with digital products and web development, Tommy has assisted some of the world’s most famous brands in bringing interactive experiences to life. Prior to The Martians, Tommy was Technology Director and Partner at SuperUber (Rio de Janeiro, NYC, San Francisco), creating interactive experiences for exhibitions, events and museums all over the world.


Over the years, we have been fortunate to work with brands on both a national and international scale. A wide palette of work, from digital experiences to traditional advertising, integrated campaigns and social media concepts, demonstrates our expertise and illustrates our passion towards the future of advertising and digital experiences.


When you want to solve the challenges of tomorrow, it is an advantage to come from the future. In this version of the future we are always looking for ambitious brands and interesting collaborations. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss opportunities.

Kenneth Pøhler

Partner, Creative Director


Tommy Lindestrøm

Partner, Technology Director


André Pessoa

Partner, Head of Office