Processes we love

We believe in process. That’s why we always start a new project by defining the processes that will be used to create the digital product.

We build on industry-proven processes and development insights to ensure that every project runs as seamlessly and efficiently as possible. As agile development experts, we always revert to process when solving specific issues. Our processes are always tailored for your exact purpose and unique project, so as to not include any unnecessary steps.

Key processes include Design Sprints, Product Scoping and Development.

Design Sprint

Design Sprints are 3-5-day intensive workshops where we discover and define the challenges and the scope of the project. During the workshop, we’ll create the first prototype sketches and solve challenges. Then we’ll rapidly build the prototype, test it with real users and gather their feedback.

Understand & define

Purpose: Align team, share background knowledge define the brief, explore the target groups.

diverge & Sketch

Purpose: Create the basic framework and UX for the digital product based on best practices, group feedback and trends in the marketplace.

Converge & Decide

Purpose: Vote for the best ideas and structure, modify ideas based on input from the group.

Prototype & prepare

Purpose: Build the first prototype of the digital product to ensure the spirit of the brand and the usability of the product are intact.

Test & Validate

Purpose: Test the prototype (or prototypes) with real users, gather feedback and define the next steps.

Product Scoping Process

Our Product Scoping Process is a fast, organised approach to the Scoping phase. It's the process we return to when we need to scope and validate during any phase of the product cycle. This process is extremely fast-moving as it’s essential that we are quick and agile.


Purpose: Ensuring that - from a technological perspective - we are using the optimal approach.


Purpose: Define Epics, write functional specifications and generate a prioritisation matrix.


Purpose: Defining the project features, create flow diagrams, wireframing, and prototype designs.


Purpose: Based on the discoveries, our team is now able to design the Technology Architecture.


Purpose: A complete document is created detailing the project, including timeline, wireframes and estimated cost.

Development Process

As a development team we follow the Agile Methodology where we estimate and work in Sprints cycles. This means getting your product ready to the market fast. Our Sprint cycles usually has a duration of 2 weeks.

Feel free to reach out to our Technology Director Tommy for any input you might need for your digital product idea.